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Hello Everyone!!  

Dates for 2023

Hello Everyone!!! 


10-12 Scarborough Kennel Club, Lindsay Ont. closing Feb 22

16-19 Kentucky Cluster, Louisville KY closing Feb 22

30-April 2 Syracuse Cluster, Syracuse NY



12-16 Harrisburg Cluster, Harrisburg PA

21-23 Guelph OR Fredericton

28-30 Club Canin Riv-Sud de Montréal, Iberville Que


5-7 Association Canine Charlevoisien, Saint-Agapit Que

8-9 Westminster Kennel Club, Flushing NY closing Feb 17th

12-14 Forest City Kennel Club, Belmont Ont. (sporting specialties)

19-21 Mountaineer Spring Classic, Marietta OH Limited entry on the Friday

25-28 There is lots going on this weekend!! Fletcher NC Cluster, OKC here in the Ottawa area, Moncton NB show, and the Flatcoat Retriever USA National. DO NOT WAIT TO LET ME KNOW

1-5 Erie Shores Kennel Club, Caledonia Ont.

Other shows I am looking at………

Aug…… 4-7 Alberta Kennel Club, Calgary Alb

Some things may change due to judging schedule.  But for the most part this is what I am planning to attend.  
Just a reminder to everyone.  That to secure your spot with me at the show.  I will require a $50 deposit. The $50 goes towards your invoice. If you cancel after closing date, it is none refundable.
I will require proof of entry one week prior to the show closing.  No proof, no spot.  Sorry.
I will require a deposit for away shows.  Depending on the distance the deposit will change.  The minimum will be $200.00.
If you have any shows you want to attend that are not listed.  Please reach out to me.  Take care and looking forward to see you all soon . 
Take care